About Us

‘Dive St.Abbs’ was founded by Paul Crowe in 2004. A local man, he was born in St.Abbs and operates his own vessel, the MV. ‘Shore Diver’

She is fully equipped for the safety and comfort of her passengers and is suitable for all types of charter.

Paul, Rachel and their family, live at Rock House which is situated harbour-side in the village of St. Abbs. Paul’s family have been fishermen for many generations, so it isn’t a surprise that he chose the same career for himself, following in the family’s tradition.

Dive St Abbs
Rosie, Paul, Rachel and Duncan

Paul Crowe

Having fished the seas for ten years Paul gained vast experience of the North Sea off the East Coast of Scotland and in particular the coastal waters where he also gained diving experience himself.

His knowledge of the natural world and the history that surrounds St.Abbs and Eyemouth is vast and cheerfully shared with his passengers.

Paul knows just how much this area has to offer, both above and below the waves, adding so much to the enjoyment of the charter experience for all his passengers.

Paul was also the helmsman/mechanic of the RNLI’s Inshore Lifeboat at St.Abbs and is in the same role on the new St Abbs Independent lifeboat .At Rock House in the harbour, Paul and Rachel welcome new visitors and old friends alike.

They offer very comfortable self catering accommodation in either their Cottage or the Dive Lodge or stay Room only in their home.